Cohesion3D Rotary connected to "A" port on Cohesion3D LaserBoard - Settings?

Sorry if this is posted and I am missing it. I am from a time when voice pagers where the latest.

I have a K40 with a Cohesion3D LaserBoard running LightBurn 0.9.07.
I am trying to install the Cohesion3D Rotary, it is connected to “A” port on the board. Can anyone supply the settings for the board’s SD card? Also the Rotary settings for LightBurn?

Thank you,
Dazed and Confused

Hi Jim,

Since the Cohesion3D Rotary is a new product, we are still in the “I will walk you through your installation” stage.

This article covers just about everything:

17.77 should be the correct value for the config file steps per mm and the test will confirm. I recommend looking at one of the set screws on the pulley for the drive wheel as a reference point and observing that it ends up at the same place as it started - that is 1 full revolution.

For LightBurn Rotary Settings:

  • Our large wheels were measured at 50 mm

  • Our small wheels were measured at 28.15 mm