Cohesion3D Remix - general question about SD card best practices

I am building a PNP machine and have been configuring my Cohesion 3D remix to perform the functions I need. I seem to be corrupting my SD card pretty often so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Here are some details that might be relevant:

  • I’m using a windows 10 laptop
  • When I plug the USB cable into the C3DRemix windows automatically detects it and opens up a file browser
  • When I want to disconnect or reset the C3DRemix, I try to remember to ‘eject’ the drive representing the SD card -> but its easy to forget, so I’m sure I’m not always doing that.
  • I found mention of Notepad++ changing the encoding so I have stopped using Notepad++ because it always seems to default back to UTF-8.
  • Sometimes when I ‘eject’ the drive, I get a message that it was successful but the file browser window connected to it stays open surprisingly. I can then try eject again and the same thing happens
  • I think I’ve even seen the SD card be corrupted in a way that I could see the files through my computer but the C3DRemix couldn’t see them because one time it refused to update firmware.bin to firmware.cur until I reformatted the card and started over.
  • It seems like I’m getting card corruption randomly, even when I eject successfully but Im not sure.

In closing, can you give me any advice for avoiding this problem it would be greatly appreciated! There is a lot of expected troubleshooting to do and when I mix in random stuff like this it gets very confusing!

Thank you very much for any advice!

I have just found it best to use the NOMSD build of Smoothieware that will not mount the memory card to the computer. This also helps improve stability.