Cohesion3d Mini laser enable signal

Machine: G.Weike LC1215

Board: Cohesion3d mini

Firmware: GRBL-LPC?

Problem/ Question: I am interfacing the Cohesion 3D mini board to a G.Weike LC1215 Laser Cutter / Engraver. Most required connections & corresponding signals have been identified, however, the laser power controller requires a positive going Enable signal on its TH terminal just prior to the pwm pulses being applied to the IN terminal. I have not been able to find an appropriate terminal on the Cohesion 3D mini board for this Enable signal. Is there anyone who can enlighten me as to where on the board I may be able to find any such signal. Many thanks.

I’m curious which controller this unit originally came with? Can you take pictures of all the components, wires, LPSU, old controller and the mini with any wires you already connected etc.?

Have an idea what what is needed, but we must first assess the situation to avoid damage and minimize frustration.

Hi Jamie. Thanks for your reply. The laser cutter control unit was missing its USB key for the original controller (currently unknown) so it was bypassed with an Arduino 2560 r3 when I bought it. I have been using it with grbl lpc but the speed is limited to about 100mm/s. The machine can technically handle 400mms (as per its brand new state with the original controller). We’ve got all the x and y axis signals sorted and the grbl-lpc firmware flashed onto the Cohesion3d mini board and are communicating with it via Mac and Lightburn. It’s just that elusive signal which preps the laser just before it fires. Thank you so much for your interest and assistance. I really want it running as smooth as possible as it’s one of the draw cards for my small business startup. I don’t have pics of the old controller attached here sorry as I am currently home and machine is at work. I will be able to add some pics of that then.

Uploading: 5F6848CF-7F49-4ECA-834E-B43D43CEB5E5.jpeg… Uploading: D560C3CF-0612-4ED6-BE09-D5F05439D345.jpeg… Uploading: AB3E49B5-6ABA-4548-AF9A-B53ED5AF0A6E.jpeg… Uploading: 00F9996A-05A4-45A9-93AC-87F0CFA6EA5B.jpeg… Uploading: 3B43C578-4977-479D-9E1F-464283616D98.jpeg… Uploading: D2BF8B94-2E07-4BA5-B0CB-EE1832671DFE.jpeg… Uploading: 27EE55C4-B101-45E1-B303-452F0FAB68C7.jpeg… Uploading: 4B09230B-7A7A-4C80-80AF-F9809BAA862E.jpeg… Uploading: F511B617-BE99-4798-8B01-E2C20CC1C5BB.jpeg… Uploading: 181E2C43-36E8-4657-8E76-7EED03E5C180.jpeg… Uploading: 56266259-42E9-4316-B35B-A19C4CCA6D5D.jpeg…

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Let us know when it’s done.

Here is the original controller - a PAD03-e.

You’ll want the connection called TL on your LPSU. Connect that to what is shown in Green, and a Ground from the LPSU to Ground on the Mini.


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Thanks for that. We will we take a look.

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