Cohesion3D LaserBoard vs "mini"?

Hi - looking to purchase the Cohesion3D LaserBoard. I see no docs for all of the things that can be done with the mini such as 3rd and 4th axis tutorial. If I bought the Cohesion3D LaserBoard and wanted to wire in a stepper for 3rd or 4th axis, where do I begin (from motor choice to wiring and software)?? Thanks!

There are no docs for Z and A hardware setup like we have for the previous C3D Mini because on the new LaserBoard because it should just work.

You will find lots of useful information here:

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To go into a little more detail about Z Table and Rotary:

  1. Read the buyer’s guide.
  2. Based on that, determine if your Z Table or Rotary requires an external stepper driver or can work from the drivers built into LaserBoard.
  3. If you need an external driver, we have guidance on how to wire that here in the #documentation category of the forum: LaserBoard Connecting External Stepper Drivers
    Otherwise, the motor will plug directly into the Z or A motor port on the board.
  4. In either case, you will still have to tell the board some values about your particular Z or A device like the steps per mm, the max speed and acceleration, and if it’s an internal driver, the amount of motor current to use.

You do not have to modify pins in the config file as was needed with the previous Mini board and there is substantially less hardware to set up with the new LaserBoard, it is very much meant to “just work”. But you still have to tell it what it’s running as explained in step 4.

OK, thanks for the info / clarifications. I’m leaning towards building my own rotary based on some parts I already have. It would be a shaft mounted setup for certain things I engrave that don’t need the wheels an all. However, I don’t have a stepper I’d use for it. Without regards to needing or not needing an external stepper driver, do you have a particular motor / source you’d recommend as a start point? (Amazon, Ebay, electronics supplier?). I appreciate your quick reply prior as well!!! Thx

I have the stepper motors you need here. I’ll list on the site tomorrow, ping back if you don’t hear from me.

Great. Thanks in advance. Have a great night!

I’m ready to place an order for the controller, software, etc. Just let me know on the stepper motor, Thanks!

Let’s see if this works:

Great! Thank you very much and for the extensive details. Placing order now!

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