Cohesion3D LaserBoard compatible with larger wattage laser tubes?

Fairly new to this hobby more specifically the tinkering aspect of these devices so my apologies if this is more common knowledge but I’m hoping to have a series of upgrades available once my machine arrives one of which would be the Cohesion3D LaserBoard. That being said its listed as a replacement for K40 style boards. From what I gather the board in my device (DM S4060) is most likely an M2 Nano. The laser wattage is stated as being 60W.
So my question is, in most cases are references to ‘K40’ just a general reference to 40W Chinese laser systems or are there other factors that would hinder the Cohesion3D LaserBoard from working in conjunction with the 60W laser tube this device is equipped with? Thank you.

The laser has its own supply and is isolated from the laser board using an optical isolator. I know this because I burned my opto up while messing with the wiring. :grinning:

Hi Steve,

Thank you for posting to the forum.

Replacing the M2Nano style boards is our bread and butter. Larger machines than the K40 can have these boards too. You may need to do a bit of rewiring and configuring the board to tell it the parameters of your larger machine like the larger size, speeds, and higher motor currents.

There is some info on the forum from other people that have done this (there are actually more than I thought), but the best resource I can give you is this video:

You should review our K40 install guide to see if your wiring looks like that:

After reviewing those resources, if you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to post pictures of your machine and wiring here for us to take a look and advise you.

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