Cohesion3D K40 Controller board was working fine, then it just completely lost comms

I was laser cutting holes in overhead sheets making face masks for my local hospital.
Put a sheet in, used Lightburn to cut the six holes.
Sent a home command to the laser which it did.
After putting in a new sheet to cut, it would not do anything.
No commands to the laser work.
I have read that the USB cable might be at fault so I removed the one from my HP LaserJet printer (which works) and put it into the Cohesion 3D controller. I look at Device manager and do not see the new device when the Cohesion board is connected to the USB cable and the laser is still unresponsive.

I can test-fire the laser fine from the front panel of the laser.

I took the original cable I had been using in the Laser and connected it to the HP LaserJet printer and the cable works fine there.

So, I don’t have a cable problem. It’s just not seeing the Cohesion3D controller board. I shut the laser down and rebooted the PC. same problem. Should I re-install the comms driver? Where can I find this driver file?
Any ideas?


Found the problem.
I looked at the Choesion 3D controller board and it had no power indications. Checked the power supply and I had knocked out the AC cable from the power supply. It’s working fine now.

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Ah, pesky one! Gotta make sure it’s pushed in all the way and stays there :slight_smile: