Cohesion3d dual power supply

I just purchased a new cohesion3d card and want to install it in my k40 laser. I have watched all the videos and read all the doc available. My question is in some of the earlier videos you had to cut the 24volt wire if you were going to add a separate 24v power supply to the board. In the current doc available on the cohesion3d web site, they never mention this, so do you still have to do so?

This is unnecessary for the cohesion3d laserboard as the 24v and 5v power lines are terminated on the pcb.

Chris is correct. We generally encourage people to follow the instructions exactly and ask questions if they are unsure about anything.

are the terminals in the upper right hand corner of the board, that are intended for slave relay to power air assist fan, 24vac or 24vdc.

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