Cohesion3D board questions

I’m planning on purchasing and modding a k40 laser cutter, I want to switch out the board and use the cohesion3D board I just have a few questions. Will the laser cutter control buttons no longer be usable after I install the new board?

Which brings me to think I’d like to use the GLCD screen, however I cannot find an explanation on how to install the LCD. Do I just plug it in to the cohesion3D board and it’s ready to go or is there more to installing it?

Few more questions, do the cohesion3D boards come with a sd chip with smoothie installed?

Is there a digital ammeter compatible with the cohesion3D board?

Looking forward to this project/experience, thank you.

Yes. It’s covered here:

Yes, carefully unpack and be careful not to throw the SD Card away - it’s in a separate plastic case, and we’ve started taping it to the board’s ESD Bag due to an excessive amount of emails from people that threw it away.

You can read my opinionated thoughts on the subject here:

You need an analog mA meter. It gets wired in with the tube and LSPU, the board isn’t involved.

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