Cohesion Z Bed - binding issues

Machine: K40
Board: smoothiebaord v1
Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with
Z Bed

Issue: When I assemble the cohesion z bed I run into binding issues. Here are different things I have tried thus far to fix the issue.

  • Followed the video instructions. Leveled the bed by hand, tightened lead screw locking nuts, it binds.
  • Assembled but when it comes to leveling, used calipers to level bed (between top of brass gear and bottom of brass T-nut). When tightening lead screw locking nuts, it bind (zero movement).
  • I added in spacers to the bearings on the bottom frame - reassembled, it binds. Tried both hand tightening and calipers.
  • For kicks, I tried to put the top frame on, only 3 of the 4 bearings line up with the top. It’s between 1/32 and 1/16 off. I got it on, for kicks, and it did not solve my binding issue ;-).
  • Phoned a friend. I tried tightening the lead screws locking nuts one at a time after manually going up and down on the axis for each one to allow for self alignment. With each progressive tighten, the movement becomes harder and harder. The final tighten, using a wrench always binds the movement. I’ve tried this in carrying forms 5 times.

I think there are a few possible issues.

  1. A lead screw is bent or not straight. I can see it visually, a slight wobble in one of them. From a binding perspective, that makes sense to me because any x/y movement when all four locking screws are tight would result in significant resistance.
  2. At least one hole is off enough that even with the bolts loose, if I get the top frame on, the bed binds. This to me implies that it is forcing something too far out of alignment.
  3. I guess it could be both issues at the same time.

My questions for the folks here smarter than me:

  1. Am I missing something? Am I doing this wrong? Any z-bed wisdom to share?
    2a) Let’s assume one of the lead screws are bent. How would I prove this?
    2b) Lets say there is not a good way to do 2a. Do any of you know if I could get a replacement to replace all of these? Or are they bespoke for this specific application?

Which Z bed did you install? Cohesion3D doesn’t manufacture a Z table.

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