Cohesion should have their location on the website (especially for orders)

Companies for some reason think they don’t need to put their physical address on their website, yet think that SOMEHOW we’ll still know what level of shipping we need from them when we place an order. [eyeroll]

Obviously, if I find out that you’re a mile from me, I know I don’t need to pay $100 for early AM overnight delivery. No one is going to know what shipping makes sense to pay for if they don’t know where it’s originating.

How has this weirdness spread so thoroughly through all of e-commerce???

(Obviously this is an ongoing thorn in my shorts, you guys are not the first. I can’t figure out how so many could be so obtuse as not to have thought this out)

Customer Message:

Hello Cohesion3D,

I’d like to place an order, but not sure which shipping method to use. Can you advise where you are located and ship from?


Our Response:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your pleasant inquiry. We are located and ship from Northern New Jersey. Our USPS pick up is in the morning, so if you receive the order complete + tracking information email in an evening, it will be picked up and start moving the following day. We do have a stated order processing time of up to 3 business days before it ships, we try to get things out quicker than that, but especially after weekends and other times with lots of orders we do hit the 3 business day mark to get orders out the door.

Hope this helps.


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