Cohesion rotary problem

So i just got my C3D, lightburn, and rotary all at the same time. I upgraded one of my K40s. I have the rotary working, but it is jumping all over the place and lasing in what seems to be random spots.
I would post the video, bit the forum will not let me. 20191106_145029|666x500

Hi Shane,

Our LaserBoard Rotary guide will help you in great detail:

In particular:

  • Your delta steps per mm should be 17.77
  • You can increase the delta motor current to 0.8 or 1.0 amps, or even the 1.2 amp maximum if needed so that your rollers do not skip, as long as your motor is not getting too hot. It should be fine.
  • Severely decrease the delta max rate and delta acceleration - these dictate how fast the rotary travels in between moves and how quickly it speeds up. That’s what was causing the cup to fly up in your video.