Cohesion &/or Lightburn stranger text burn

I use Cohesion3D with Lightburn. Sometimes, without knowing why, when I start a job he starts recording a text that says something from “Our Live …” and I don’t know what else.

What is that due to?

For example, I’m going to cut out a circle and just go to a different place and start recording that text. It doesn’t always. He does it from time to time and I don’t know why that happens. If I give preview, I don’t see any of that text.

Start from a completely new project in LightBurn - there may be an artifact somewhere off-screen that you can’t see. Try that and let me know if the phantom text disappears.

I have also tried that several times and sometimes it writes it and sometimes it does not. When something is outside its zone it indicates it to me, but the text comes out within the zone. And it is quite a long sentence that cannot be by mistake. If it were a few letters I would hesitate, but such a long sentence is impossible because of my mistake.

It has happened to me in many projects. From the same project sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.
Even without any project loaded: open lightburn, put a simple circle to test that it cuts well, click on start and laser-write that text.

As it does not always happen, I do not know what it could be or why that text comes out.

Does Lightburn or Cohesion3D have, either in its own software or in the configuration file, something that makes it perform some test and is entering it for some reason automatically and randomly?

I just realized that the size of the ghost text is proportional to the size of the object. If I open an svg with a 60 px file, the text is 60 px tall. If it measures 10 px the text measures 10 px, etc.

Are the SVGs watermarked with something? that’s the only thing I can think of. Open them up in inkscape or something. There’s nothing in lightburn or especially the smoothie firmware that would cause errant text to show up.

There is nothing, but even if there were, it should not come out because I only have what I have selected to record and that it warns me if there is something outside the framing. As I commented, it also happens without loading any files. I open Lightburn I put any figure or text directly from Lightburn and when I least expect it, that text comes out.

If it were always I would record it, but as it is when I feel like it is very difficult for me. Even so, when that happens I go through and select the entire file in Lightburn and it doesn’t look at all strange.

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