Cohesion board not cooperating

I tagged the Rotary attachment as that is part of the problem.
Fired up Lightburn as usual, but instead of a short beep from the GLCD, got a continuous squeal no display on the GLCD , no homing (X&Y no movement and can be moved by hand) but the rotary is locked up!

camera connects & displays proper, laser test fire button works fine.
Not sure if the lights on the board are flasing in the right sequence. Older board.
Ideas on where to start?

As a followe on, the message pops up that I need to format the disc to proceed. It appears that the micro SD card has been erased or corrupted. Where do I get the data to format it?

Format it FAT - I’m trying to see if I can dig up a copy of the Mini firmware and the stock config file for you.

Here it is, I found it.

This may be a clue, The formatting of the MicroSD failed! That could be why the K40 failed in the first place. I’ll pick up a couple of Micro SDs and try to reload the files and let you know.

Sounds great - i await your update!

Success! Back when I was setting up for the rotary, I had saved a copy of the config file and the bin file. Once I found them and loaded them on the microSD card, the K40 started and operated like it wa supposed to - Mostly lol. still have a couple of tweaks but it is operating. i was nearly resigned to buying a new board!
Thanks for your help.

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