Cohesion board locks up

My setup has been working fine until I purchased a CW5200 chiller, when the chillers compressor starts my cohesion board locks up. it appears to be related to EMI/RFI mains spikes, I have tried running the chiller from another ring main circuit which has reduced the amount ot time it fails, has anyone any suggestions for a filter or anything else.

I run a Tripp-Lite Isobar on all my lasers and where applicable have the Cohesion3D power supply on the outlet with the highest isolation. My other suggestion would be (and it seems you’ve already done this) to move the chiller to a different branch circuit entirely. If you’re in the US, try and move it to a branch circuit that’s on the other leg of the mains service. It’s likely a problem with voltage drop-out due to the inrush current from the chiller’s compressor.

Hi. I don’t know if you have solved this yet. I have the same chiller and the same Cohesion3D board. But I’m using an industrial grade power supply made by TDK, the RWS300B24 which is 24V at 10A. No problems to report with chiller-induced glitches.
You can probably get by with a smaller power supply, but get a high quality unit from a reputable maker.