Cohesion board is not changing the power level of the laser

Machine: k40

Board: laser board

Problem/ Question: the laser
Board isn’t changing the power settings when I try it
Use light burn. I can control the power using the original power buttons. I’m assuming I don’t have ale
Thing wired up
I followed the online tutorial. And have the four pin connected from
The lpsu to the
Board: I’m a new user so it won’t let me post pictures

I use both the digital power buttons and Lightburn. Make sure you have the digital power set high (I start at 50%) so that when you tell Lightburn to use 100%, it is 100% of 50%, in other words half power. If you set the digital at 10% and Lightburn at 100%, all you get is 10% power and that barely marks paper, certainly won’t cut it. When I really need the juice, I set the digital at 60-70% and let Lightburn control the rest, eg engraving at lower power, cutting at higher power.

Thank you! At 50% on the button, what % do you engrave with? I know it won’t be the same but I am trying to establish if I have something setup wrong in the settings. My laser fires at .9 on light burn. From what I’ve seen folks don’t normally see it firing till 6 and above.

With 50% on the digital display, I engrave wood, plastic at 15% Lightburn setting. To cut 1/8" acrylic plastic I keep the 50% digital display but set Lightburn at 100% and do 3 passes. I COULD up the digital value, but more passes means less melting, sharper cuts. At the cut parameters, my K40 is using about 15 mA. At the engrave parameters, current is about 4-5 mA. When I calibrate the mirrors using masking tape across the faces, I use 10% on the digital and pulse it manually to make a mark in the tape.

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