Cohesion as replacement for M series controller

I am considering to upgrade my Chinese engraving machine and to replace controler. It is not m2 nano it is probably older one called M series. It looks llike on the picture below:

Is it easy to do it? I mean is it just to remove the old one, install Cohesion and connect the same wires? Or there is a need to make some modifications?
Thank you in andvance for your help.


Hi Mateusz, it does look like an older Lihuiyu M Series board. It should be a matter of moving over the ribbon cable (for the X motor and endstops) and the Y motor cable, and then dealing with the larger power connector.

This guide should get you most of the way there…

But for the larger power connector you’ll need to cut and strip the two wires you need to connect for the L and GND lines then put them into the correct screw terminals on the LaserBoard.

Take a look at our article for installing a 6 Pin Laser Power Connector for info on doing that:

Hi Pete,
it looks quite easy and clear with this guide. I will order controller and I will try to replace it. Thank you for you help.

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