Cohesion 3d for cnc

I purchased a cohesion 3d board for my laser and I’am extremely happy with it. My neighbor wants to sell his Chinese cnc machine`to me because he has become frustrated with it. Does anyone know what kind of upgrade board these guys are using for a cnc router table?

The Cohesion3D laserboard is also a good board to use for a CNC router. It will work very well.

Heard that Duet WiFi is a good controller for routers also. I would go visit the CNC router forums. You will get better info there about controlling a router. Lots of things to consider. Cad/Cam toolpathing, post processing of the tool path GCode for different controllers, Mach 3, Mach 4, etc. they are a bit of a different animal.

The LaserBoard can indeed be used for CNC. The primary considerations are:

  • Motor size and whether you can use the internal drivers or need external ones
  • How to control the spindle
  • Homing sensors

Tell me more and I’ll tell you more :slight_smile:

The Spindle can easily be controlled with one of you pwm outputs. Most if not all Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) can be operated with a remote DC voltage, normally 0-10 Vdc. You can purchase a simple PWM to voltage converter like this one to make the link

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