CNC 4060 - Help to evolve

Hello Team,

I’ve bought an Chinese Laser CNC 4060 Engraver, and I would like to use Lightburn, the LaserDRW is super bad product.

From my understanding my board is a m2Nano :frowning: so not compatible.

I saw that I could install an Cohesion3D to make it work, but I’m a bit afraid that I don’t know how to mount it.

(can’t upload pictures here)

Question :

  1. Is this an easy change/ update?
  2. Do you Ship to Portugal?
    3.From where do you Ship ? Because now everything goes to Customs if it arrives outside Europe, and it takes Months to get out from there.

I have the same laser, I installed the new board on the horizontal plane of the machine, near the front. I used 2 of the screws that were already part of the machine, with stand offs. The new board, with lightburn work great, well worth the investment.

I am not at home until monday night, so i can’t show a pic.


Thank you, if you can show me great.

My main issue looks that I can only get the board on US… sending to Europe is a pain and too expensive :frowning:


One more questions about the board, the Power Supply is compatible with European ?

It ships with a US power cable but it’s an auto-ranging switch mode power supply so it will work with 240V without a transformer. You will need to locate an appropriate power cable with a plug for your locality and an IEC320-C7 connector on the other end (this is the non-polarized figure-8 connector).

We’ve shipped to Portugal maybe 15 times over the last 5 years and thousands of boards shipped out. I don’t like their post office, so the cost of shipping will be for UPS Expedited service there (and everywhere else outside North America). I still don’t like it, and completely understand if the shipping cost is too high. You’re welcome not to purchase if that’s the case, I wouldn’t blame you.

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