Cluster firmware

Machine: K40 m2 nano

Board: laserboard

Firmware: smoothie cluster

Problem/ Question: new cluster firmware does not seem to be flashing properly or the laserboard is not booting with the new firmware, the leds count up, then 3 or 4 of them all light up and stay on. lcd is not working, and computer will not recognize it when plugged in. old smoothie and grbl both still work fine. firmware.bin is changing to firmware.cur as it should. i have tried redownloading the firmware, reflashing, restarting after the flash, with no change in outcome.

Well I tried again with a different sd card, the new firmware and config file and it appears to be working now. The other card still works with the old firmware file loaded to it. So I’m not sure what actually fixed the problem.

Glad you got it sorted. We never ran into that with our testing, and the fact that the LEDs were counting up indicates that the new firmware was flashing onto the board properly anyways.

It was more likely that something weird was happening with the config file or the memory card, as that is where the LEDs not beginning to flash would indicate that the board was having trouble reading the config file.

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