Chinese laser engraver

I just purchased a 80w chinese laser engraver and i need to know if your laser board is compatible with it so that i can upgrade

Hi Cadley,

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The important question regarding compatibility is what controller your machine has. Please review the Compatibility tab on the LaserBoard product page to see if your controller matches:

You can also review our K40 installation guide here to see if your wiring matches:

We also recommend reading our Buyer’s Guide to understand what you will need:

If you need guidance, please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring. We can help you determine if your machine is compatible.

Hi Cadley,

This board is compatible for the Cohesion3D LaserBoard conversion.

From left to right, your connections will connect to the LaserBoard as such:

  • Left 5 pin connector goes to Laser Endstops towards the middle bottom of the board.

  • Middle 4 pin X and Y connectors go to the X and Y driver headers on the top left of the board.

  • Right 2 pin LO / GND pin will need to be connected to the screw terminals on the lower left, which are the Laser Fire and Laser Gnd, respectively. You can ignore the 24V and GND 4 pin connector since LaserBoard has its own power supply for the board.


Here’s a post for wiring reference pics: Help with wiring my cohesion board

For additional details, refer to our Knowledge Base.

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