Chinese laser engraver not firing

Machine: 80 w chinese laser

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I am using lightburn and initially had issues jogging the machine that has been resolved. The test fire button on the machine works but when i tried to run a test cut through lightburn. It will trace the path but the laser will not fire. i have looked at some of the other threads posted and tried some of the suggested solution same result. Not sure what to do next.

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Could it be the laser % is so low its not burning?

i have tried increasing the power both on the laser and lightburn same result

Maybe your co2 tube has gone, given the laser traces around per normal, but no increase in laser wattage power has any results?

Please provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring so I can have a look.

Ok, that looks like fairly standard wiring.

Could you share what these were?

Do you send the G1 command and observe if the red FIRE STATUS LED at the bottom left corner of the board turns on?

When i send the G1 command all i get is an ok message from the software.

On the other hand if i draw a rectangle for eg and i press play the laser head will trace the shape but not fire but the what i assume is the FIRE STATUS LED turns on

i hAVE same problem it traces the program but laser doesnt fire. if i hit the laser test button on the panel or the psu it fires

I also have the same issue, I tried all different options that I could find here and elsewhere, now I’ve also got a dead control panel for some odd reason. Now all I get are two red dots where the laser % goes.

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