Cheap diode laser upgrade

(Cliff Bryans) #41

That would be your Alpha and Beta.

(Gary Webb) #42

Thanks Cliff!!! (extra exclamation to meet min of 15 characters :smiley: )

(Gary Webb) #43

That did the trick. Im now cutting to correct scale! woot! It also fixed the weird issue where it would always want to start the cut 100mm west of the centerline. Next step is to order longer 8020 rails to make this little thing a bit bigger. I’m aiming to have the machine dimensions at 24x18, which should yield a larger cutting area. It will also give me the opportunity to drill/tap holes for adding the stops, instead of the hacked up way I’ve been doing it. I will start a new thread with the upgrades, as well as the documentation that summarizes the process thus far. Thanks everyone!

(Cliff Bryans) #44

Glad we could get you up and running right. Looking forward to the upgrade.

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