Change smoothie to grbl

Machine: custum machine (k40 only tube and power source)
24v power supply only for c3d mini.
48v power supply for 3x dm542 and nema 17
Z table.

Board: c3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie with clustering firmware
Activated in lightburn

Problem/ Question: raster engraving still misaligned.
After several attempts, also build an entire machine from scratch and problem persists.
I want to try grbl to see if problem continue.
How do i get grbl working on my board?

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

please send some pictures of what the machine is doing in regards to the misaligned raster cuts and we can suggest some steps forward.

hi thanks , here you have some pictures .
attached is also the config file.
you can see were it says interval , this is the start of engraving right after the lines and the word is already distorted.
not a mechanical issue because ive build this one from scatch is the problem persists .
regards Edgar

IMG_20211004_214609|375x500 config.txt (25.3 KB)

It looks more like your machine is losing steps. Double-check that your current values for the stepper motors are correct on your external drivers. If they are, then lower your axis acceleration values until the problem goes away.

To much current can also produce this results?
Or just low?

Excessive current can cause it too, but that usually manifests itself a little differently. The motors will grind, crunch, get really hot, and sometimes smoke (if the motors smoke it’s usually too late). A small amount too much current (e.g. your motor is 1.2A and your driver can only specify 1.1 or 1.3A and it’s set on 1.3) is totally acceptable as long as the motor isn’t getting hot. They can (and should) be warm, but always cool enough to be able to comfortably touch. If you can’t grab the motor and hold on to it indefinitely it’s being driven too hard and you need to back the current off.

Hi current is ok, lower accel rates and problem persists…
I have this problem for more rhan a year
Thats why i want to try other firmware to see if problem goes away

Hello, anybody???

There are instructions here, but I still feel your problem is mechanical or electromechanical … i’d spend more time trying to tune those values rather than change the firmware, but …

Good luck.

Thanks for advice, but if you check my other post that starla fox helped, i had this problem with a complete different machine.
Almost a year tunning parameters and nothing.
Anyway the page you send there is for a cohesion laserbord, mine is a mini board.
Is the firmaware the same?

I’m not sure the answer to that - i missed that you had a mini before. @Cohesion3D - any input here?

Thanks, also had lightburn licence renewed, but the problem persists.
Hope som3one can point me for a firmware swap.
Thanks very muxh for the support