Change config file

Machine: k40

Board: C3d laserboard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

I have been losing steps when my laser head is moving from one cut or engrave to another across the center of my machine. I am convinced that I need to modify the config file to slow down possibly the default seek rate for go moves as well as the Cartesian axis speed limits. They are both currently set at 24000 and I would like to reduce them to 9000 and see where that gets me. I have made these changes in the config file notepad and tried to save and it says that the media is write protected. I have done several searches looking for the answer on this topic before I posted a question. What I need to know is how do I make these changes and saved them so that I can put the SD card back into my cohesion 3-D board.

there’s a switch on the side of the SD card. it’s in the wrong position if the media is reporting write-protected

I tried in both positions

Make sure the contacts on your MicroSD card and the MicroSD to SD adapter are clean and free of dust or debris, and make sure there’s nothing obstructing the pins or whatnot on the SD card reader connected to your system. Try a different SD card reader if that fails.

The movable part of the switch should be in the position closest to the SD card contacts to be in read/write mode.

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Different sd card reader did it. Thanks for the help!!!

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