Can't home

Got to say I really like the new C3D board and the Lightburn software.

I’ve run into a little problem and looking for some help. Yesterday I upgraded my mirrors and lens then re-aligned the mirrors and X and Y axis.

When I fired up the unit and Lightburn the gantry homed on the y and the x did not move, everytime I would hit home on the screen it would home y and move x about 8 mm to the plus direction.

It would etch an image but it had no clue where it was, I had to select frame to get an idea where to place the work. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting.

Did you fiddle with any wiring while doing the optical upgrades?

Start by using M119 to verify your switches are being read, as explained here:

Don’t think I did but it’s possible, I will try the M119 test. This just another reason I’m liking the C3D and Lightburn. Thank you.

Well I got home and fired up the K40 low and behold the X homed and the Y did not just the opposite from yesterday. I used the M119 and verified that the Y was not reading, fiddled with the wires at the end stops and it started working.

Removed both end stops and soldered the wires… Thank you again!

Well it must have been a fluke, came home last night to make some coasters. Fired up the machine and gantry moved slightly but 2 or 3 inches from end stops. Ran the M119 and this is what it listed, pulled the end stop plug going into the C3D board re-ran the M119 with the same results.Location M119 Unpluged

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