Can the Cohesion3D board also run a CNC router?

I have a Cohesion3D board that I’m going to build a custom laser cutter with. I also have a CNC router I designed and built some time ago and it uses an old GRBL controller. I was wondering if I add a 10W laser to the CNC router can the Cohesion3D board run the laser and the router?

It should be able to with a bit of config file tweaking, but you’re likely on your own for figuring out what most stuff needs to change to. The smoothieware website has a lot of documentation on running mills off a smoothieboard (of which the laserboard is a purpose-built derivation). You can likely use the pins that are used for the air assist relay to control the spindle on/off. There won’t be a facility to do spindle speed control, though, unless you add a switch-over circuit to disconnect the diode when not in use.