Can Noisy Power Cause Missed Steps

I got my board tuned a few weeks back and got great results. Then this weekend I continued to do the same work I did a few weeks ago and got missed steps. It looks like it shifted about 3/64s. The only difference I can think of are:

  • Additional load on the power circuit, possible noise
  • The K40 step motors were warmed up
    Can noisy power mess with the K40 or is there something else I need to consider?

Noisy power is unlikely to affect it unless it really browns out the power supply. The controller would likely brown out and the job would fail before the motors skipped.

More likely it’s stepper current or acceleration settings. Do a search on the forum for “stepper current” for more posts on the issue and take a look at this guide:

@loather I appreciate the help! I adjusted the stepper current to the max for the X axis. Ran about 10 jobs ranging from 5 to 20 minutes and the stepper did not get hot. Went from 500 on acceleration to 3000 with no issues. Expect for some reason, after running at 3000 for a few passes, I got missed steps. I settled at 1500 for now, which works for me.

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