Can I replace Puhan laser controller with C3D? What is involved?

I have a 4 year old 100w dual head 1300x900 china laser with what appears to be a Puhan controller (matched up with the pictures in the identify my laser section). It uses PH soft software and often times it is very frustrating to get setup and running properly

I own a CNC machine shop and we use this laser for marking our parts. I’m fairly capable at troubleshooting, repairing and modifying our 11 real CNC’s with Fanuc and Mitsubishi controls, but this chinese stuff is new to me. It looks very crude, but it does work and I didn’t pay much for it for what it does for us.

If I buy the C3D controller, display and lightburn software will that be all I need to upgrade my laser?

Thank you for any help!

Is there any other information I can give to get some sort of response here?

I have emailed cohesion3d with no response. Posted here with no response and asked on other internet forums with little applicable information.

Hi Dustin, thanks for asking. I had to do a bit of research on dual lasers.

Among other challenges, a Cohesion3D board cannot directly control dual lasers. We’d recommend swapping for a DSP controller that LightBurn supports like a Ruida as this will be a better match for you.

Thanks for the response Pete!

If I understand this correctly, the laser power supplies are controlled with a PWM signal correct? Can I use the single PWM output from the C3D board to control both laser power supplies?

We run both laser tubes at the same power level for marking. If we’re only marking one part we just turn one of the power supplies off with a switch.

The more I research this the more clarity I get I guess.

What I really want is to get away from the cheezball chinese software and go to something user friendly/reliable. Very frustrating when the steps that worked the day before don’t work and you can’t figure out why then, suddenly it works again. I also would like a better user interface on the machine that displays actual position and has hard keys for x/y/z jogging.

Looking at the Ruida controllers, the RDC6445 appears, at least, to have improved functionality with Z and even U axis buttons. These say they can do “asynchronous” dual laser control (whatever that means).

So seems like I could buy one of these Ruida controllers and have a very easy install into my machine and compatibility with Lightburn software… BUT… Does the Lightburn software have provisions to fire both laser heads?

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend asking your Ruida and Software related questions on the LightBurn forum.

I have no problem recommending our competitor’s products when appropriate, but I’m not going to go so far as to support them :slight_smile: Seriously though, many knowledgeable Ruida users on the LB forum.


I put the right search terms into google and folks have already hashed this out on the LB forum.

I emailed a Ruida seller on Ebay and they got back to me right away that the latest greatest Ruida fully supports Lightburn and Lightburn also works with dual head lasers.

Sometime in the next couple weeks I’ll get this installed and see how it works.

Thanks again!

Cool beans. When you’re ready to purchase, you can get the DSP version of LightBurn from our website. (We get a small markup as a reseller, beer money is still important :slight_smile:)

Best of luck!

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