Can anyone identify this control board

I am thinking about buying a used laser off a guy. He doesnt know what controller it has and the website doesnt list what is used.
Ultimately I am looking to swap it over to the cohesion board so I can run lightburn as well as feel confident I have a true quality controller running it.

If you can identify it, how easy of a transition is it to a cohesion board if possible
Here’s a link to the machine I’m looking at

Thank you

That looks like a Leetro controller which is not currently supported by LightBurn.

Hi Derek,

Based on the pics and description that it runs Laser Cut 5.3 for the software, it does appear that you have a Leetro controller in there. Fun times ahead for sure!

Here is a thread showing a similar conversion:

Fundamentally, what we care about is driving an X and Y motor, reading some switches/ sensors to home the head, and telling the laser to fire. The machine also appears to have a Z table, so there’s a bit extra to deal with for that but it’s already got external stepper drivers that will connect to the LaserBoard.

We always encourage a tinkering and problem solving mindset when doing a machine upgrade like this.

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