Camera problem

got camera it has 90 degree lens and i have mounted it 18 inches above bed and 14 inches above bed and i cant see all the bed in the overlay view no matter where i put camera in live view i see more then bed size almost all the machine how di i adjust what you see in the overlay view so i can see all the bed and the camera will not stay aligned it changes constantly with out moving it or doing anything can change as much as 5 mm very frustrating

I have the 5mp Light Burn Camera with the 140mm fish-eye lens. It is mounted in the hood of my K40 and approximately 200mm above the table. With that said I too am having the same problem with it maintaining its alignment. Even if I don’t touch anything. My hood is well supported and placed in the same position after each use. If you, or anyone else knows of a remedy to this problem, please help. Thank You

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