Camera location

Machine: k40 nano
Board: __cohesion3d laser

Firmware: _Smoothie
Problem/ Question: purchased a camera and the mounting housing but unclear where it need to be mounted on the k40
thanks in advance

Hi Cleetis, it looks like your question was answered in this post: Camera Installation

But we can also point you to this page in our knowledge base. The page has a video tutorial but also has a link to written install documentation from LightBurn.

You can mount the camera somewhere on the lid facing straight down so that it can see the entirety of the bed plus a little extra around the edges… You’ll want to get the camera installed into the mount, then get it plugged in, pull up the view in LightBurn, and hold it in various positions to see what view it has.

I’ve crudely illustrated it for you here. It may need to be placed lower, based on how much view it has available.

There are several things you may run into:

  • The K40 door opens too far back. You can install a magnetic door stop to keep it from going so far back, or gas struts like you might find on a porch door. The feedback I have heard so far is that the magnetic door stop is not effective enough, and that gas struts are the way.

  • Door shifts left to right. The door pivots on what can be as “simple” as a screw and a pin on a spring. If the door can be moved left to right, then your camera will not stay aligned. At the least you can add washers/ spacers on the pin side to keep the door from sliding. My larger laser (“K50”) came this way with a spacer and I was surprised that it works well. Otherwise you may need to install hinges.

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