Camera ideas/suggestions

(John Price) #1

So I have ordered a cohesion3d controller and I am interested in hooking up a camera. I have seen that it can do it on a video. I am looking for compatible cameras to use with it. Any suggestions. I rememer hearing that a web cam would work in the video. Any suggestions?

(Starla Fox) #3

The official LightBurn camera is available now on their website and will be available from C3D in the coming weeks.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #6

Hi Starla,
Do you have alraedy a camera Starla?
Which degree doyou use for your TS4060?

(Starla Fox) #7

Hi Christophe,

I have a standard K40, so my bed size and mount height requirements would differ from yours.

C3D stocks the 140 degree camera, which will work for a variety of sizes.

Using the largest of your bed size measurements, input into the formula to verify that you can fit the camera high enough above for bed for your bed size:

Ex: 600mm x 1.8 = 333.33

This means the camera would need to be mounted at least 333mm above the bed to capture everything.

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