Camera for lightburn over heating

Eventually got my camera for lightburn (after 3 months of waiting - damn covid)
I plugged it into my usb on my laptop while using light burn to test it and begin setup but within seconds it became VERY hot, I immediately unplugged it (I don’t think it was damaged) surely this can’t be normal?
I am prepared to video and put a laser spot thermometer on it for Cohesion to see but am I covered for a replacement if it burns out?
UK power supply is 240v but that shouldn’t make any difference as it is running off low wattage via a usb port and not mains electricity.
Any help or advice would be appreciated as I don’t really want to have to wait another 3 months. (not Cohesions fault - package sat in UK customs for over 10 weeks)

The camera module does run quite warm. It’s a small PCB so doesn’t dissipate a lot of heat. This is one of the reasons that we make our camera mounts out of a more heat resistant plastic.

Please plug the camera into your computer for a few seconds. Does it ding or make a sound indicating a USB device is recognized? Does it show up in the device manager?

If possible, can you provide photos of the camera board and the cable/ connector plugged into it?

We test all the cameras here before shipping them out, so hopefully it does still work.

yes the camera does ‘ding’ connect and it works, I was just worried about how fast it got hot, I didn’t wait to see how hot it got for fear it would burn out, but if as you say it does run a little hot it should be fine - I’ll let you know later when I try it again.

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