Camera doesn't detect the calibration dotts picture

Machine: KT 6090 RD Ruida 6445G

Board: Ruida 6445G

Firmware: Ruida

Problem/ Question: The camera doesn’t detect the calibration picture.
I tried it with almost every distance between 20 cm and 100 cm.
The camera is mounted in the lid and shows the complet bed (90x60 cm).

What can i do?

Groeten Ben

You might find the solution your looking for over on the lightburn forum the developer of the software. I did a quick search there and here’s some of the suggestions to another user with similar problem as yours.

  • Cover the honeycomb bed with a sheet, cardboard, wood, or something else. The pattern looks like circles to the code that’s trying to find them.
  • Glue the printed pattern to something flat. I can see from the preview image that it’s curled and warped, and all of that is going to be interpreted as distortion from your lens. It needs to be very flat.
  • Focus the camera, if you haven’t yet. Use the Windows camera app running full screen, and adjust the focus by twisting the lens to get the clearest picture you can.

Tim, thank You! I will give it a try.

Groeten Ben

Hello Tim,

It worked!!
Thank you.

Groeten Ben

Great, glad to hear that solved your problem.

Great! Which part did you do that solved your issue?

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