Calibrating Steps

Machine: Blue laser, 6 year old machine 900x600 - Cohesion3d

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: Hi all. I am upgrading the ancient controller which i have no control software to run it. I have been able to nut out everything to get the machine to go the right directions, home the correct way etc. But i cannot get the steppers to calibrate correctly.

I am running external stepper drivers on the X and Y. Currently the steps per are

alpha_steps_per_mm 157.575 # Steps per mm for alpha stepper
beta_steps_per_mm 157.575 # Steps per mm for beta stepper
gamma_steps_per_mm 157.575 # Steps per mm for gamma stepper

So I test using Lightburn and the go to function. I tell the machine to got to 100mm from the home position. It only goes 55.5mm. I calculate the correct steps per and it should be 283.9189.

I replace the value using notepad and save it. Remove the SD from the computer, plug it back into the LaserBoard and power it up. When i test it again, the steppers make a hell of a noise, and it only goes 27mm. Regardless of what i do, the machine only works smoothly and nicely at 157.575 steps per, and only goes 55.5mm.

Anyone have any idea on what I can do to get the machine to calibrate? Also, have i missed something??

OK, a little boring, and maybe long winded video. I thought this may help a little.

What controller was in the machine originally? Did it have stepper drivers built in to it or did it have the black box external stepper drivers?

I see you are running external drivers now, this is why I am curious.

You are likely skipping steps and need to adjust the physics settings for your machine, this can be a good starting point: Cohesion3D LaserBoard Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide

Since there are external drivers, there are also settings on those boxes for current. That why we also need to know the history for those, check what current they are set at, what the specs of the motors in the machine are, etc… Lowering the speeds and accelerations as in the above link will probably be a good first step, and then you can experiment with the steps per mm.

When you did the homing in the video (second motion cycle) everything sounded good. When you did the jog in the first cycle, that may have been problematic (ie: skipping/ trying to move too fast).

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