Cable wiring stepper driver to Laserboard

(Christophe Dekeyser) #1

Will connect the stepper driver to my Lasberboard, but can’t find is for the Laserboard, only the mini is explained, can anyone help me with it please?

(Chris Leitch) #2

I am unsure what you are looking for.

Please elaborate.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #3

Hello Chris,

I will connect a rotary to my c3d Laserboard, but I can’t find a wiring diagram for the stepper driver from Cohesion3d, and wich settings for the dip switches must I use for 1 steppermotor nema 17?

(Chris Leitch) #4

Is this what you’re looking for?

Also the dip switch selection depends on the external driver. But you want 1/16th stepping.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #5

Yes Chris, this is exactly what I mean.

(Christophe Dekeyser) #6

Now I connected the cables, and test the rotary, stepper moter turns to fast, is there a manual to set the dip switches or in Lightburn the parameters?
My stepper driver is the TB6600 and my stepper motor is a NEMA 17 17HS15-1504S-X1, please anybody that can help me with it?