C3D on GCC Mercury 1 laser engraver

I have an old (1999) GCC Mercury 1, 12w laser engraver.It is now controlled by an pc with win 98!!!
I would like to have a new controller. Can I switch to C3D? My machine has servo motors, not stepper motors.

Additional question: What would you think about changing the laser? Now I have a synrad laser. Can it be changed in an affordable way?
Or should I just buy a chinese 100w machine??

Servos are just steppers with encoders. With some clever rewiring we can ignore the encoders and run the steppers directly, but it depends on what steppers they are.

Can you take some detailed pictures of the machine, including all boards, supplies, wiring and connection points, motors, and panels? There’s a very good chance we can make the machine work - it’s just a question of how much effort and tinkering you want to do.

Changing out the laser itself - is it one of those synrad all in one PSU/laser tube combo units? I’d have to see more pictures of the unit and such to be able to make a recommendation here.

This sounds like a fun conversion :smiley:

Fun indeed, and maybe too expensive, but I´ll give it a try to at least get an estimate. I´m considering if it is better to buy a brand new chinese 100w laser cutter. I feel totaly lost in this laser jungle.

Anyway I´ll send you some picks within some days.


Reidar Vik

I expect it will be a large undertaking. We will look forward to the pics.

When you have an RF excited laser, there is the additional requirement for “tickle” which is discussed here: Universal laser