C3D mini vs C3D lassrboard Config

Machine: K40

Board: C3D mini/C3D laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Hi so I have 2 K40, one is stock with the C3D mini and other is a 12x24 Conversion that is almost done. But while looking at the Config file for both I realized they are slightly different. Mainly the stepper motor alpha and beta max acceleration. C3D mini does not seem to include this Can I write this in or is there another location where it can be adjusted.

Do I understand correctly that you have a C3D Mini in one machine, and a C3D LaserBoard in another?

The config files are different for each board and I would recommend starting with our provided stock K40 config file and adjusting from there.

Yes, I have a C3D min in my stock and a C3D Laserboard in my modded one.

I am working with the Config file that came with the mini, my question is that the mini config that I am working on does not have the the max (alpha and beta) acceleration line. Where as the Laserboard has it. My question is can I add it to my mini so I can control the alpha and beta Max Acceleration. Currently I do not have an option to play with max acceleration.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 8.45.13 PM

yes, you can add those lines to the config file.

Thanks, even though I have had this board for 4 years, I only really started to dive into the config file once I started to play with it for the K40 12X24 mod. Appreciate your help, hope all is good with you!

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