C3D Mini Rotary Setup

I like the photo of the wiring, Is there a place to find a photo of the C3d board in the various configurations?
I see discussions about X&Y, X&Y&Z, X&Y&Z&A (rotary) but nowhere is one for X&Y&A .
I am trying to set up a rotary without adding a Z axis. I am using a small stepper, same size as the X&Y motors so for now, I just want to get the A axis moving. Should I just plug it in? Or do I need to add the small PCB with heat sink?
Without a step by step with pics, it is risky to guess and power it up. I would rather have some pics and instructions. BY the way, I have the older style, as I got my C3d last year.

Hi Fred,

Our official guidance on installing a Rotary and or Z Table to a C3D Mini is here:


You will definitely need a 24v power supply to power everything, and you can use the one that we carry, as shown here: https://cohesion3d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000783636-k40-additional-24v-power-supply-upgrade-guide

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