C3D Mini hardware and software power

Machine: 50W random

Board: M2 Nano / C3D Mini

Firmware: Smoothie (didn’t power yet)

Problem/ Question:
I’m about to replace my M2 Nano with an old C3D Mini and have some doubts.
I use hardware buttons on panel to check and test the power over materials prior to engraving.
But later, if I use lightburn, I can set power from software, so mi question is: how do both systems coexist?
I mean, if I set 10% power on the panel and then I want to engrave at 10% and cut at 30%, do I need to change hardware power?
Does software power settings override hardware ones? Or the reverse?
Can you explain like I was five? xD

Please start by reading this:

Thanks, Ray
I did read the FAQ, I think I understood that the power I set from hardware (digital panel) is the 100% of the power I set from lightburn, is that right?

Also, doesn’t the c3d board set a 85% soft limit from the config file?
So the 100% from lightburn is a 85% of the hardware’s 100%?

That depends on what’s in the config file. I can’t remember what was on mine when it shipped, but if you look for the laser_module_maximum_power line in the config file, make sure it’s set to 1.0. Then 100% in lightburn will match up with whatever the power setting is on your panel.

Also note that the digital panels can easily overdrive your laser tube. Consider adding an ammeter in line to ensure you’re not damaging your tube.

Thanks, loather, simple and great explanation.
As I see, I’ll have to play with the digital power to test laser over material and find the right power.
Then I’ll set the power again to the max and enter the desired power in lightburn.
Thanks again

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