C3D Mini Cluster Firmware Flashing Question

I have an older 3D mini and it jumps side to side or shifts whale printing an image, I downloaded the now cluster firmware but that didn’t fix it, maybe I did something wrong while putting it on the mini sd card, any help would sure be appreciated.

See here to identify whether the board is flashing new firmware:

You can also put the card back into the computer and see whether you have a file called firmware.bin or FIRMWARE.CUR

The more information you can give us, the better we can help you.

still having trouble with the images shifting to the right or left downloaded the cluster firmware but there wasn’t a config file with it, looking at the config file that I have there is no firmware.bin or .cur watching the led lights when I turn it on all five lights 1 red and 5 green come on then the green ones go off and back on with the 2 and 3 in flashing and the other 3 and the red on steady. is there a config file that I can download or can I insert the command into config and if so can you tell me where and what to insert.
Thank You

can you tell me where to find the latest config file for the 3d mini and is the cluster firmware the same for all the boards.

There is only one cluster firmware.

The files for the C3D Mini are here: Where can I find the default Cohesion3D Mini smoothie firmware?

Thanks Ray, this fixed the problem.

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