C3D Laserboard w/air assist solenoid (and pin outs)

Machine: K40
Board: LaserBoard (used with LightBurn)
Firmware: Just ordered LB; I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with.

Problem/ Question: Noob C3D LaserBoard user. I’ve recently ordered the board and awaiting delivery. I’m installing on a K40 and wanting to install an upgraded air assist system. I’m also wanting to control the Air Assist from LightBurn. I’m looking at the below 24V solenoid to connect to the LaserBoard.

24V Solenoid

Can I connect this solenoid to the Air Assist VM Screw Terminal and achieve on/off airflow control via LightBurn?

If so, what firmware changes need to be made?

Thanks in advance

No firmware changes needed. While this document is for the ac-relay, the basic information you need is contained in this document:

Both 5v header and 24v VM are controlled by the M106 and M017 commands?

The example uses the 5v, but use the 24v for my application?

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