C3D K40 new install red VMOT LED is on No connectivity

Machine: K40 Orion

Board: Laser Board

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Just installed my new C3D board only the red VMOT LED is on.
research a bit on here and followed test procedures. 20 v on the rail
5v on USB jumper pin
no 5v on z max output
no 3v on serial(?) pin
Unplugged everything to test for shorts. No shorts found.
What next? Really would love to try this great board out.

Also forgot to mention when i plug in the DC power from the supplied power supply a decent spark is emitted from the jack.

Hi Donald.

Thanks for doing the tests. Please remove the board from the machine and disconnect all wires from it. Let it rest for a bit (leave it alone, turned off, with nothing plugged in), then try to power it up again and advise on light status.

Sparks are fine, covered here:

Board is removed and unplugged. let it sit for 3 hours. Still only has the VMOT LED on.

Thanks for doing the tests.

There’s one more thing you can do for me, out of curiosity, and that will be to move this jumper (red square, pic below) to the other position and then to plug in a USB Cable to the board and your computer, and let me know if any lights come on or there is any activity.

Please let me know the results of that. Either way, we’ll arrange to send out a replacement board.

I performed the test as stated. I plugged the USB first which dimly lit the VMOT. I plugged the Power Supply next which fully illuminated the VMOT. No other LED’s illuminated. I tested voltage with just the USB plugged in. The 5V locations had 2.7 Volts. Thank you for helping me with this. Im an advocate for life now. Customer service like this is a rarity these days. What do you need from me at this point?


Hi Don,

We sent you a replacement board which should have arrived today. Please install it and hopefully the issue is resolved. Let us know, and if all is good, we might arrange to get the original board back from you, just hold onto it for now.

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