C3d disconnected in middle of file

Machine: _K40 don’t remember the original controller.

Board: _ cohesion 3d

Firmware: _Smoothie, using as it came.

Problem/ Question: _ while running a project ( cup on rotary) my machine stopped. Looking at lightburn because I was touching the mouse moving files around l though did I accidentally click stop or pause. Lightburn said disconnected under the laser tab. I tried to cycle power to the laser and control board as well as reboot the computer. Console says waiting for connection… I’m running windows 10. I looked at the led status lights on the board and all seem normal according to the troubleshooting guide.
Red led solid, next two solid on, next two blinking, next one solid on. I will note I have had this running for a couple years with no issues. I did also try a different usb cable and change usb port on the computer. And troubleshooting suggestions would be great, thank you.
Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Figured it out myself, co completely operator error. I somehow changed the port in lightburn to com1 instead of auto. Hopefully my error and beating my head against the wall helps someone else.

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