C3D Controlled CNC with Jtech Laser

(Brent Dowell) #1

So, I had an OX CNC and had issues with the controller I was using. Once I found C3d and saw they had a remix board, well, I had to get one. Now I’ve got a C3d controlled CNC. And it’s Green!

Liquid cooled 800watt spindle, glcd screen, external steppers. A fun little project.

Oh And I’ve got a little jtech laser on it as well so I can do some wood burning on things too big for the k40

(Michael Dixon) #2

Interesting, I have also built my own cnc router, and have a Chinese controller that gives me fits at times, I am thinking of going this route but I am dedicated to Mach3 and Cambam for software, how are you driving this?
I’m worried About too many lines of code will overcome it…any thoughts.

(Brent Dowell) #3

I’m using Vectric vcarve desktop to generate my gcode.

bCnc to feed the gcode to the C3d remix board for the router, and I use Lightburn when I use the laser on it.
No issues at all with too many lines. It’s running very reliably now, especially with the external stepper drivers.

(Michael Dixon) #4

Okay, let me be dumb here, bCnc is what.

(Brent Dowell) #5


It’s a gcode sender that sends commands and gcode to the remix board.

(Michael Dixon) #6

Thanks, will give it a go…