Board not working on new laser

Machine: _1500mw open frame laser engraver( universal engraver)

Board: _grbl

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL

Problem/ Question: I recently purchased a 15000mw laser engraver from Universal Engraver. This is a open frame and a GRBL based laser. I downloaded the free trial of Lightburn to get a better program than what came with the laser. I followed your instructions but it could not find my laser; I also tried to install it manually with know luck. I thought it might be my board, so I bought a Cohesion3d laser board hoping this would take care of my problem,but the lights on the board never blinked slow only fast when I did the first boot. The only things I can get my laser to do is fire the laser for focusing and when I hit home it moves about 1 inch. I can not find config.txt anywhere on my computer, which is windows 10 64 bit, to look at the settings. I had someone else look at the program in case I was overlooking something, they could not find it either. I would like to get this problem taken care of so I can use Lightburn; its very similar to the program I use for my cnc. If I could get either board to work that would be great or if I need to buy a different board I will. I have been all over the forums on Lightburn and Cohesion and have not found anything to help me with the issue I am having. Any help that I can get from you to get my laser up and working would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Graves Woodworks

Homing isn’t going to work unless your machine has endstops and they’re connected to the board. Nothing is connected to your endstop terminals, so when the board attempts to home, it thinks it’s already touching the limit switches. That’s why it doesn’t move more than a small amount.

As far as the config.txt goes, it’s on the SD card that came with the board. If you’re missing the files on the card, the Documentation section has an article on where to get them:

The card should only be removed when the board is powered off.

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