Board fried

Machine: custom built

Board: LaserBoard

I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with" is also a great answer!_

my board fried after 2 weeks of using it, 2 problems

1 " x" movement no longer works , i have tested this by swapping plugs with the “y” when i swap it the “x” will move and the “y” no longer moves, put it the correct way “x” stops and “y” moves

2 laser stayes engaged all time at full power

i was in the middle of a job when this happened
i have a second Cohesion3D LaserBoard on another laser
i pulled it and installed it on this laser and everything works fine

Hi Rob,

Thank you for posting to the forum. We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue. We need a bit more information to help troubleshoot.

Can you show us pics of how everything is wired up and, if possible, post a video to YouTube, then share the link? This will help us better understand the issue you are having so that we can assist.

Starla thank you for your reply
but as i said in my post i took the Cohesion3D Laser Board that i purchased over a year ago
for my K40 laser , which is why i bought a second board on 06/28/2020 for my new build, and put it in the custom laser i built and it is working fine, which is why i can not take a video of it not working

Hi Rob,

Let’s start by looking at the LED light sequence to see if your board is booting up as expected, as this does not require it to be connected to the laser.

Using the same SD card as when you reported the issue, plug the USB and power supply into the board and wait 30-60 seconds.

Review the lights on the board and make note of the LED sequence:

If you do not see the Normal Operation LED sequence, compare it to the others listed on that page.

If the lights indicate an issue with the firmware or memory card, disconnect the board and remove the SD card, insert it into a computer, and make sure the card is readable and has FIRMWARE.CUR and config.txt on it.

Please report back with the results.