Board freezes

K40 came with M2 board
second replacement Cohesion board
Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

I ordered a board and that didn’t work so you sent me a replacement and that isn’t working properly either. the first one didn’t connect at all and this one connects and starts running but then freezes partway through for no reason, this last time it got to 65%. I can turn lightburn off and disconnect the laser completely from the computer and everything stays locked up until I restart the cohesion board again and then the laser rehomes and I screw up another attempt.

IMG_0768 IMG_0769

As I said I can disconnect the laser completely from the computer and nothing happens, I can switch the laser on and off and nothing happens. Once it has frozen I cannot home the machine again until I disconnect the power from the cohesion board. this is happening with my laptop and my desktop computers.

Is anyone working on this forum?
I asked this question before and didn’t get a response at all and the thread shut down, now I have relisted this issue, and still no response. I tried contacting you through email and got an automatic email response telling me to come here. my machine is down, it’s been down for weeks if you can’t help me fix it can I at least get a refund?

My laser was doing the same thing i turned off the smoothieware pause delay in lightburn in device settings so far it hasn’t stopped since i did that.

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Ill give it a go, thank you.

Nope, it froze again.

was gonna add a video but it won’t let me upload it.

My laser still does some odd things since the last update to lightburn , you might try 1.0 version of LB to see if it still stops, i have the same setup as your pictures, mine would do the same as yuor laser is doing i tried 2 different laptops and finally got a new laptop running windows 11.

yeah, I tried that as well, I’m pretty sure the board is faulty.

I have had exactly the same issue and it isnt the board from my experience. The following would happen

  1. Start a job and it would suddenly freeze for no apparent reason at no specific time on any job. Sometimes it could complete a job.
  2. The counter on the progress bar would still be counting but the bar not moving.
  3. Unable to home or go to origin or move the laser head at all.
  4. The only way to get things working again was to disconnect the control board power and usb to computer and start again.

I tried 2 laptops and 1 desktop computers.

  1. The 1st laptop had Windows 8.1 and is 9 years old. I reinstalled the OS and only had Lightburn running on it. I ensured that all power saving features such as USB power sleep mode and screen savers were disabled and switched off wi-fi. I also disabled any non essential processes that run in the background such as antivirus etc. Unfortunately this didnt resolve the issue

  2. Tried a PC running windows 10 again an old machine (10 years ) and I duplicated the process as on the laptop above still no luck.

  3. The second laptop worked running windows 10 and now 11. This is a much newer machine only two years old and I didnt have to do the configuration changes as I did to the other two machines.Its not a high spec model.

What I did find is if your running the Lightburn files across a network or off a local usb the drop out did happen even off the windows 11 machine.

I would try some of the configuration setting I did. Hope this helps I know how frustrating it is

I would suggest a different board as I think Ray has abandoned C3D. I have see nothing from him and I sent email to him directly. Do not know what to think other than selfishly that he has let us down. It has been over a year since I have seen anything that would show that he was active. Maybe 2 years.
If you need a recommendation… send me a message.

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still hoping for a reply.

mine is doing something similar. i send cut file to board it starts then quickly stops and lightburn freezes i have to restart lightburn to get it to home the laser i bought this board two years ago and just got around to installing it if i turn laser power off on the panel it will run the cut file to the end and the laser status led lights is firing

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