Board freezes too often

Machine: K40

Board: Cohesion 3d mini

Firmware: smoothie

Problem/ Question: mid job, board will completely stop. Most often when my water cooler starts. I used to be on the same plug (didn’t have choice) so never complained about it, but I just moved to a new shop and redid all the electricity. The K40 is on its own breaker, the cooler is on a different breaker. Just checked all my wiring to ensure all higher voltage wires were away from the board, still happening. Tried different usb cables, still happens. This is very frustrating. It doesn’t always happen when the cooler starts, sometimes it’s for no apparent reasons, sometimes the cooler starts and everything keeps working… I have plastic screws on the board, with plastic spacers…the usb cable is far away from any electricity, all power saving options in windows are off…


Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

New user cannot upload images…sorry

Hi Boris,

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you are on the right track with troubleshooting. Thanks for providing the details. I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload images.

Please provide pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring.

Added all the pictures I had, hopefully that’s enough. I’m really pulling my hair out with this problem now. It got worse after the move to the new shop, when I expected it to be completely resolved! :smiley:

Forgot to add that when it happens, the only way to be able to get back to working is by powering the machine off completely (even the usb cable), and then to re-zero all axies, then I can start working again, it’s a real pain. Not to mention I ruin a part everytime.

Thanks for the help

Ground is good, below 1 ohms on every power supply

Hi Boris,

Thank you for providing the photos. I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary in the pics in regards to wiring.

You have covered most of the topics covered in our dropouts and brownouts article. Have you checked the drivers?

Is it the actual board that is stopping or is the laser completely losing power? Are the LED status lights changing on the board when this happens?

Do you have the case of your LPSU bolted to the chassis? It looks like it’s loose in electronics compartment, which could cause grounding issues. Sounds like you just tested this while I was typing out an answer, but it’s still a good practice. :slight_smile:

Do you have any safety switches or water flow meters on your machine? Check all of your wiring, screw terminals, pins, etc. to make sure everything is making contact properly.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll make sure to double check everything tomorrow.

My power supplies are not bolted down…they should?

No safety switches, no water flow switches either.

I’m doing a super long windows update now, will reupdate the drivers tomorrow morning, and check the power saving settings again.

I didn’t really check the status lights when this happens, I’ll do that in details tomorrow also and will post update.

Thanks for the help.


OK. So I finished my windows update, I reinstalled the drivers, I screwed down all 3 power supplies, I checked to ensure the USB power saving settings were still correct (disabled basically) and I created a video that shows what’s going on. Here is a link to the video. In this video, I turned off the extraction fan to trigger the problem, this fan is on a breaker of it’s own (separate breaker from the engraver).

I’m going to go through the documentation again in case I forgot something, but I’m still at a lost here. I see that the leds on the board don’t seem to do anything particular. help please.


Flashing the firmware also didn’t resolve anything. Starting to wonder if a line conditionner would be required in this building now.

Disconnecting the LCD didn’t resolve the issue also. BUT it did seem to make the engraver less fragile, meaning it happens a lot less, which is excellent news. Would still like to resolve the issue though

I think I tried everything except for the line conditionner now… unless you have another possible thing I can try.

My board does the same thing

Did you try using a line conditionner? I ordered onez should get it in a few days. Just installing a new upgraded usb cable, me get help, who knows.

Hi Boris,

In theory what you have should work, but a nylon standoff (not a spacer) would be a complete insulating block. I have used these and it helped when I was experiencing some interference in the past.


Is it possible to move the cooler further away from your machine / computer and test to see if you still get the interference?

Let us know how the line conditioner works out. It has helped some people experiencing similar issues.

What size standoffs should I get?

My chiller is about 6 feet from the board, the computer even farther.

Just received my line conditioner, will plug it in tomorrow morning.

I’m using 8mm. I wouldn’t go any longer than 8mm because it could make it hard to access the jacks / ports on the board from the chassis opening. I have the same chassis model as you do. You can measure from the panel mount just to be sure.

Fingers crossed!

I meant the diameter is guess. These standoffs look like they are done in m2, m3 and m4.

That might be helpful… :wink: M3 is what I’m using.