Board Failed

Machine: K40, jumk board

Board: cohesion & grbl

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? “Smoothie”

Problem/ Question: Cohesion board failed after a few days. Switch back to grbl board, and works fine, just cant use z axis. I have gone thru so many discussions here… try this, try that. Same issue as Board apparently failed

I submitted via a form on the website, but no response. My Order # is 21603. I have formatted the card multiple times, tried multiple firmwares, tried different power supply, reset multiple ways, tried various jumper settings, all I have is a solid red light.

How do I get it replaced?

Thank you for posting to the forum.

Can you please provide some pictures of the board and wiring?

We always ask for pictures and try to go through some diagnostics first. If the board is indeed defective, we will gladly replace it.

Ok, lemme take & upload some.

Thanks Ray,

Here is a picture of the Cohesion not working, and then one of the Mini Gerbil working. Obviously I’d prefer to have the Cohesion working :slight_smile:

Anything else I need to post up?

Yes? No? Maybe?

No worries, we’ll get a replacement board out to you shortly.

Thanks. I was sitting here thinking maybe there was some other tests or documentation of the issue I needed to post. Getting excited I’ll be able to use the ztable soon :slight_smile:

I was going to ask you to check some of these things if you have a multimeter and a few minutes:

Pretty much unplug everything from the board, let it sit for a few hours/ overnight, and then check continuity at those points, and then if no shorts, plug in the power brick and take voltage measurements at the same points.

The reason we would do these checks is because in that very thread you linked in your first post, his board started working again after a rest. On a Cohesion3D LaserBoard, there are additional protections on the board, so if you have a short on the 5v rail this could be a protection measure saving your board from harm. Sometimes it’s that, and 1% of the time it’s the board doing this weird thing that I can’t understand why - it tested fine at the factory but then the customer plugs it in and it magically goes poof. Haven’t been able to figure it out but it’s a rare enough occurrence…

But you seemed excited so we’ll just get you a new board…

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Replacement board shipped today and you should have tracking info in email. Hang on to the board you have now, we might need to arrange to send it back a bit later.

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Sorry about delay. I’m self employed IT and get super busy at time and just come home and kaplunk into bed lol. Anyway, thank you. I just checked, should be here Friday. I’ve changed over a couple times from the minigerbil and still doesnt work. Will try once more before I unpack the new one. I also have no issue sending this one back (I’ll cover shipping). Maybe an investigation by you guys on it can help you with that 1%. Once I demount it and can get it under a mag glass, I can test some points before sending back. Bad thing about technology getting smaller, so does the text labels on them. My eye dr claims I have better eyesight than even the snipers he used to train in the military… but I swear up and down I could read things this small when I was younger :cry:

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